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Welcome to the Scottsdale Smile Center Blog. Below are various blog entries written by Dr. Jonathan Coombs, Dr. Brandon Ryff, Dr. Don Chiappetti, and other members of our dental team discussing the latest news and advancements in the field of dentistry. Click on each link to read more.

Scottsdale Smile Center Now Offers BOTOX® to Treat TMJ Disorder

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Brandon Ryff is now a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and is certified to perform BOTOX® injections and dermal filler treatments! Commonly used for cosmetic purposes, BOTOX® is a purified protein form of botulinum toxin, a solution that can also effectively treat the root cause of TMJ Disorder (also referred to as TMD). TMJ Disorder is a condition related to problems with the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Often triggered by a misaligned bite, persistent teeth grinding, or simply overuse of the temporomandibular joint, TMD and…

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Sparkling Water: Friend or Foe?

It seems flavored sparkling water varieties are becoming more and more popular. We like them because many are touted as having zero calories, zero sugar, and many with no artificial flavoring—yet, they taste great! The best part: the bubbles! We love the fizz, even more when served ice cold. While flavored sparkling water may sound like a drink made in heaven, there is one major potential drawback: Any kind of sparkling water, flavored or not, can wreak havoc on your smile! Why? Well the answer is simple. We all know soda is acidic. This acidity comes from carbonic acid, which…

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Dentists at Scottsdale Smile Center Announce Move to New, State-of-the-Art Facility

Drs. Brandon Ryff, Don Chiappetti, and Jonathan Coombs say the new location in Paradise Valley will open its doors on March 5th, 2018. Scottsdale, AZ – A well-known dental office in the Scottsdale area is moving to a new location. Scottsdale Smile Center will be relocating its services, in addition to its entire dental team, to a state-of-the-art facility just 1.5 miles from its current location. The new office in Paradise Valley, officially opening its doors on March 5th, is located at 5410 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite D-500. The Scottsdale dentists who oversee the practice – Drs. Brandon Ryff, Don…

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Scottsdale Smile Center Featured in The Washington Post

We are thrilled to announce that our practice was featured in an article published by The Washington Post! The column focuses on the strong divide the 2016 presidential election uncovered in our nation; a divide that ran deep into our communities, penetrating even our innermost circles. Led by Scottsdale dentist Dr. Brandon Ryff, learn how our team (who was divided ourselves) has put politics aside and come together to recognize how truly similar we are as friends, co-workers, and Americans. In the grand scheme of life, it’s not about being a Republican or Democrat—it’s about understanding your neighbor and uniting…

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Dr. Brandon Ryff Joins Team of Dentists at Scottsdale Smile Center

Dr. Brandon Ryff joins Drs. Don Chiappetti and Jonathan Coombs at Scottsdale Smile Center.

Don Chiappetti, DDS and Jonathan Coombs, DMD of Scottsdale Smile Center welcome Brandon Ryff, DDS to their accomplished dental team. Scottsdale, AZ — In response to its continued growth and improvement over the past 56 years, Scottsdale Smile Center has announced the addition of Dr. Brandon Ryff—an experienced dentist whose expertise spans from general and preventative dentistry to advanced cosmetic, implant, and restorative care. Joining Dr. Don Chiappetti and Dr. Jonathan Coombs, Dr. Ryff brings a high level of skill and expertise that serves to further enhance the top quality of service provided at this state-of-the-art dental practice, a historic…

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How Is Periodontal Disease Treated?

In today’s age of dentistry, there are a number of treatments that can be employed to stop the progression of periodontal disease and improve overall gum health. Some of the more traditional means for treating gum disease include deep scaling and root planing, which are designed to remove bacteria, tartar, and plaque located deep within the gums. In addition to these techniques, Dr. Don Chiappetti and Dr. Jonathan Coombs offer laser gum treatment at Scottsdale Smile Center. This advanced approach enables our dentists to destroy harmful bacteria while encouraging the growth of new, healthy gum tissues. Key benefits of laser…

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How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease – commonly referred to as gum disease – is a condition caused by an accumulation of detrimental bacteria and plaque in between the gums and teeth. The good news is, gum disease can often be successfully prevented (or sometimes reversed) when proper plaque control and oral hygiene habits are practiced. First and foremost, brushing and flossing on a daily basis is essential to preventing the development of periodontal disease. Brushing with a dentist-approved toothbrush can help remove harmful plaque that has built up on easily accessible surfaces of the teeth. Flossing can detach plaque and food particles in…

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What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease, which is also referred to as periodontal disease, is primarily caused by a buildup of harmful plaque and bacteria between the teeth and gums. That said, there are a number of factors that can be key contributors to the development of gum disease, including: Bad dental hygiene – Failing to brush and floss on an everyday basis can make it easier for plaque and harmful bacteria to accumulate on the teeth. Even when these habits are followed, however, some plaque and bacteria may remain on the teeth, making it important to receive a routine dental cleaning at least…

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How Long Will My Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Following an Opalescence® Boost teeth whitening treatment offered here at Scottsdale Smile Center, results typically last anywhere from six months to one year, depending on one’s personal habits and commitment to proper oral hygiene. People who drink lots of tea, coffee, red wine, and other high-staining beverages may start to see yellowing and/or other tooth discolorations quicker than those who don’t drink these types of liquids on a regular basis. The same can be said for individuals whose diet consists of high-staining foods like blackberries and blueberries, as well as for those who smoke and/or use tobacco quite frequently. As…

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Professional vs. Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

With the wide variety of teeth whitening products available today, deciding whether to go with an over-the-counter technique or visit the dentist for professional treatment can be a tough choice to make. Though both options have shown to reduce stains and brighten teeth for many people, a few dissimilarities exist between over-the-counter and professional-grade teeth whitening that may shed some light on which approach could help you best achieve the vibrant smile you desire. According to our dentists – Dr. Jonathan Coombs and Dr. Don Chiappetti – teeth whitening treatments performed in-office by a qualified dental professional often have the…

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