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Laser technology has revolutionized a range of dental treatments and made them safer, faster, and more comfortable. Dr. Brandon Ryff, Dr. Jonathan Coombs, Dr. Don Chiappetti, and Dr. Reed Chiappetti utilize some of the most sophisticated dental lasers available to make your experience with us as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Using concentrated beams of laser energy, laser dental techniques are able to significantly reduce bleeding, swelling, and recovery time. Soft tissue lasers provide a strong seal for blood vessels and nerve endings, which typically results in no pain after your treatment. In fact, laser dentistry is such a gentle and precise technique, you will likely not experience any discomfort during the procedure itself.

Here at Scottsdale Smile Center, we offer laser dentistry for a number of diagnostic procedures and periodontal treatments, including:

Gum Disease Treatment

Laser dentistry can be used to cleanse periodontal pockets and reduce bacteria in the gums, improving gum health and helping to prevent further damage from gum disease.

Gum Lifting and Recontouring

With laser techniques, our dentist can reshape the gums for improved balance and symmetry with your teeth, ultimately reducing the appearance of a “gummy smile.”

Cavity Detection

Our Diagnodent® laser can find cavities very early, without the pressure and prodding of dental instruments along the teeth.

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