The fields of dentistry and periodontal care have undergone somewhat of a revolution over the last several years thanks to the advent of laser-based treatment systems. Laser dentistry techniques make it possible to make a more precise treatment of certain dental issues. They also allow the dentists and hygienists at Scottsdale Smile Center to provide virtually painless gum treatments that are safer, more comfortable, and faster than ever.

Laser Gum Treatment

Our laser systems can be used to provide a durable seal between your gums and teeth during periodontal treatment. They are also very helpful in gum recontouring procedures to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile.” Laser techniques result in less bleeding during treatment, quicker healing time, and a more comfortable procedure.

Laser Cavity Detection

The advanced Diagnodent® laser offers our patients a convenient, safe and pain-free way to find cavities much earlier than ever before. Using a specialized laser, the Diagnodent® can find cavities months or even years before they would be detectable using an ordinary probe. As everyone knows, a small filling is more comfortable than a big filling. The Diagnodent® makes diagnostic procedures easier and more precise while identifying potential dental problems as early as possible.

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