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Teeth Whitening

Regardless of how well you care for your teeth, it is inevitable that, over time, some yellowing or discoloration will occur as a result of factors such as age, nerve deterioration, or coffee and tobacco use. To combat discoloration, our practice offers in-office bleaching and at-home teeth whitening, both of which can significantly lighten the shade of your teeth with natural-looking, long-lasting results. Professional-grade bleaching is one of the most effective teeth whitening methods currently available, and by customizing treatment to fit your unique needs and goals, our cosmetic dentists in Scottsdale—Dr. Brandon Ryff, Dr. Jonathan Coombs, and Dr. Don Chiappetti—can help you achieve a bright, radiant smile that you are happy to put on display.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Regardless of how frequently they brush and regularly they visit the dentist, many people still notice signs of staining and/or discoloration on their teeth over time. These perceived tooth blemishes are typically the result of numerous factors, such as the consumption of high-staining foods and beverages (berries, coffee, red wine, etc.), the use of tobacco products, and simply the natural aging process. Although some over-the-counter whitening products can provide adequate results for certain individuals, professional-grade teeth whitening generally creates far superior outcomes for the majority of women and men. Composed of top-quality bleaching formulas, these innovative techniques can be custom-tailored to whiten your teeth by several shades, often more effectively and in less time than alternatives available over-the-counter.

Opalescence® Boost Teeth Whitening by Ultradent

Opalescence® Boost is an advanced, in-office treatment that contains a powerful whitening solution composed of hydrogen peroxide gel, potassium nitrate (reduces sensitivities), and fluoride (strengthens tooth enamel). Unlike other in-office whitening techniques, the Opalescence® Boost formula is chemically activated, eliminating the need for a hot, potentially uncomfortable light to make the treatment work.

To begin treatment, one of our skilled dentists will activate the specialized whitening solution and gently apply the gel to the surface of the teeth. As you relax comfortably, this gel will need to remain on the teeth for approximately 20 minutes. Once enough time has passed, the gel is wiped off your teeth, and the process is then repeated. Following the second application, the gel will again be cleaned off, you will be instructed to rinse thoroughly, and our dentists will inspect your teeth to ensure an optimal result was achieved. Should additional whitening be necessary, a second treatment can usually be scheduled for a few days later.

Opalescence® Take-Home Teeth Whitening

For patients who desire to whiten their teeth at their own convenience, our practice offers Opalescence® take-home teeth whitening. With this technique, your dentist will provide you with fitted trays and the advanced teeth whitening gel, and he will provide specific instructions for at-home application. While every individual is different, most patients are instructed to simply wear the trays while they sleep, and stop when their teeth have become as white as they desire. Generally, at-home teeth whitening takes two to four weeks to achieve an ideal outcome.

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