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For dental implants to replace missing teeth with the most comfortable and natural-looking results, they must be placed with the utmost accuracy and precision. Computer-guided surgery can accomplish this.

The use of Computerized Tomography (CT Scans) combined with advanced Simplant® computer software offers a huge leap forward in implant dentistry. Simplant® software allows Dr. Brandon Ryff, Dr. Jonathan Coombs, Dr. Jared Mayer, Dr. Don Chiappetti, and Dr. Reed Chiappetti to evaluate each potential implant site on a computer to ensure that the site is ready for implant placement. The imagery provides our dentists with an extraordinarily clear view of your mouth’s anatomy, enabling them to create a treatment plan for implants that are so well-fitting, it will be difficult for you to remember that they are not your natural teeth.

Computer-guided placement of dental implants provides maximum safety to avoid nerves, sinuses and other vital structures, as well as maximum accuracy in implant placement within the bone. It is a very important tool for dental implant procedures, and Scottsdale Smile Center is proud to offer it to our patients!

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