At Scottsdale Smile Center, we invest in technologically advanced equipment and biocompatible materials to provide patients with the most precise and effective care possible. Digital imaging technology, laser therapy, and many other state-of-the-art methodologies ultimately help make diagnosis and treatment for our patients more convenient, less invasive, and more efficient.

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Single-Visit Crowns – CEREC®

CEREC® is an innovative milling system which allows us to provide custom dental crowns and other restorations on the day of the procedure. With CEREC®, most restorations can be created right here in our office without the need to wait weeks before placement.

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Galileos Panoramic Imaging System

The Galileos 3-D Imaging System allows our dentists to create an extraordinarily clear and detailed view of your teeth, gums, and oral structures. This makes it possible to make diagnoses and treatment plans with more precision and accuracy than ever before, which can ultimately reduce risks and make results more predictable.

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Digital X-Rays

With digital x-ray technology, we can get a clear look at your teeth and gums using 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray techniques.

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Overjet AI Technology for Caries (Cavities) and Bone Loss Detection

Our office utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with software known as “Overjet Caries Assist” to enhance the precision and accuracy of our diagnostic process during patient exams. Overjet highlights areas affected by bone loss and caries (cavities/decay), making even the earliest signs of potential concerns as visible as possible to both you and our dental team. This can ultimately help you obtain a better picture of your dental health and a greater understanding of how certain treatments can prevent more serious issues in the future. 

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Laser Dentistry

Laser technology at Scottsdale Smile Center can be utilized for a number of procedures to offer you effective, virtually pain-free treatment. Laser cavity detection can identify areas of decay without poking and prodding, while laser dentistry techniques for gum treatments can often enhance the health and appearance of the gums without the need for surgery.

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Computer-Guided Surgery

Computer-guided surgery is a way to make dental implant placement as precise and accurate as possible. With this extraordinary technology, we can create a treatment plan that can ensure your dental implants are placed with the most natural-looking, well-fitting results possible.

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Microscopes and Intraoral Cameras

Our state-of-the-art microscopes and intraoral cameras help us enhance the view of your teeth and gums with extraordinary clarity, giving our dentists a detailed view of your mouth as well as clear pictures of any problems that have been found.

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