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Overjet LogoArtificial Intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives. We are excited to announce that this cutting-edge technology is now available in dentistry, and it will only further improve the high-quality dental care we deliver to our patients.

At Scottsdale Smile Center, our preventive philosophy is widely embraced and appreciated by our patients. The new AI technology has proven to be highly effective at identifying dental conditions at the absolute earliest stages, often providing our patients the opportunity to improve conditions and avoid future treatment. Our AI technology is visually intuitive and helps immensely as we discuss conditions and treatment options with patients. It aligns perfectly with our emphasis on the importance of effective, thorough communication with our patients regarding their oral health.

The new AI software, called “Overjet,” includes FDA-cleared software which provides an instant analysis of your x-rays during a dental exam, producing a clear and detailed visual representation of areas where decay, cavities, and/or bone loss have been detected. With its ability to highlight these potential concerns on your x-rays, the Overjet system can enhance patient education and your overall quality of care, enabling you to see exactly what’s going on with your teeth and develop a greater understanding as to the dental treatments that may be necessary to resolve the concerns.

Overjet is known as an industry leader in artificial intelligence development for dental care. The company was founded by experts from the Harvard School of Dentistry and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who utilize their deep well of engineering and dental expertise to develop technology capable of enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses and improving communication between doctor and patient. The Overjet Caries Assist platform has been shown to detect caries at an extraordinarily high rate of accuracy, reducing the rate of “false negatives.”

We are very excited to bring you the latest in diagnostic technology as a standard part of your regular dental examination here at Scottsdale Smile Center. If you would like additional information about our technologies and treatment options, or if you are ready to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.