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Our New Smile Design Center

One of the most important aspects of our patient care philosophy here at Scottsdale Smile Center is our commitment to thorough communication and collaboration. Our goal is for you to truly understand what specific treatments can do for the health and appearance of your smile, and we believe that your relationship with our dental team should be a genuine partnership. All in all, this approach can ultimately produce results that meet or even exceed your expectations. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our brand-new Smile Design Center. Located right here at our office in the Paradise Valley Medical Plaza, the Smile Design Center is a state-of-the-art consult room primarily focused on developing treatment plans for Smile Design and Makeover procedures. 

The best way to perform a Smile Makeover, which involves a combination of treatment options that can address numerous cosmetic dental concerns for comprehensive smile rejuvenation, is by formulating an intricate Smile Design plan right at the start. To develop the customized treatment plan, our experienced dentists work with you to evaluate your needs and determine the ideal treatments to include in a Smile Makeover. We utilize an array of advanced diagnostic, imaging, and treatment planning technologies that can help you envision the potential results and work with our dentist on how we can accomplish your goals. Our new Smile Design Center is equipped with a variety of tools to make this part of the process as comfortable, informative, and collaborative as possible. 

The Smile Design Center offers a more intimate and personalized treatment planning experience when compared to a standard dental operatory, allowing you to openly and privately discuss potential treatments and ask any questions you may have. It includes a large flat-screen television that delivers visual presentations of customized treatment options along with digital imagery, radiographs, intraoral scans, orthodontic simulations, and what the potential results may look like. Our Smile Design Center, installed with a “switchable smart film” glass enclosure, transforms the surrounding glass panels into an opaque state at the flip of a switch for additional privacy and minimization of distractions as you consult with our dentists about your treatment plan. This innovative approach to patient consultations is just one of the many ways in which we’re invested in making dental care a positive, educational, effective, and even pleasant experience for our patients.  

If you are considering a Smile Makeover and would like additional information, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact us today.