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Traptox, sometimes referred to as “Trap BOTOX®,” is an innovative new injectable solution at our practice that has helped many patients who suffer from migraine headaches and bruxism (teeth clenching/grinding). It is very common for individuals to carry stress and tension in the trapezius muscle, which is a superficial muscle that runs from the lower back to the head. This stress may contribute to the development of headaches and bruxism, which can ultimately have a debilitating impact on one’s daily life and oral health. Traptox offers individuals a quick and convenient way to address those concerns. In fact, our dentists have seen remarkable results with so many of our patients since this treatment was introduced here at Scottsdale Smile Center.

What Is Traptox?

Traptox is a treatment that uses botulinum toxin therapy (BOTOX®) to help relax the trapezius muscle. The technique has been shown to alleviate migraine headache pain, as well as pain in the neck and shoulders, due to tension in the trapezius muscle. Traptox can also be used to reduce bruxism, which is a condition that can be exacerbated by trapezius muscle stress. While BOTOX® injections are widely known for their cosmetic applications, the solution’s ability to temporarily relax muscles and prevent them from contracting have made them popular in a range of therapies for other concerns, including headaches, TMJ Disorder, and bruxism.

Traptox can often be particularly ideal for patients with high-stress, busy lifestyles who carry significant levels of tension in the trapezius muscle. One of our dentists will be happy to meet with you for a consultation to determine whether Traptox may serve as an ideal treatment for your needs.

What Does the Traptox Technique Involve?

During the Traptox procedure, our dentist will administer precise injections of the BOTOX® solution into targeted areas of the trapezius muscle. A numbing agent can be applied to the skin to minimize discomfort from the injections. Traptox procedures typically only take about 30 minutes or less to complete, and they can be performed right here at our practice.
Most individuals do not require a period of downtime after the Traptox procedure. Some mild bruising and temporary muscle weakness may be present in the treatment area; however, these effects should dissipate within a few days.

How Long Does Traptox last?

The results of Traptox typically last approximately three to five months. To extend the results for longer periods, our team can talk with you about the possibility of occasional follow-up sessions once the effects have worn off.
If you would like more information on Traptox, please don’t hesitate to contact Scottsdale Smile Center. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or assist you with scheduling a consultation.