CEREC® Crowns and Restorations

CEREC® is one of the most significant advances in dentistry. CEREC® CAD/CAM milling technology provides the ability to create custom-designed dental crowns. Since CEREC® allows the doctor to craft your dental restorations right in the office, you will not have to wait weeks before the final placement. This means no second visit, no getting numb a second time! Time is valuable—our patients appreciate the quality and especially the convenience offered by CEREC® restorations.

What Is CEREC®?

CEREC® is a state-of-the-art system that allows our dentists to design and produce top-quality dental restorations right here in our office. CEREC® technology involves a 3-Dimensional imaging component to create the blueprint for a custom dental restoration. Once the restoration has been designed for the most natural aesthetic and functional results possible, the CEREC® milling system can be used to manufacture it onsite. With this exceptional technology, many patients can obtain custom crowns, inlays and onlays, or other types of dental restorations in a single office visit.

Same Day CEREC® Crowns vs. Traditional Lab Crowns

Traditional dental crowns and CEREC® crowns both serve similar purposes, which is to provide structural reinforcement and enhanced esthetics to a damaged and/or unsightly tooth. While the materials are the same for both types of restorations (e.max), lab crowns can be made by stacking multiple layers of the ceramic material, resulting in a highly esthetic restoration. CEREC® crowns are made of a single solid layer of this material, which makes it very strong (while still providing very nice esthetics).

What Is the CEREC® Same Day Restoration Process Like?

Once your tooth has been prepared for the restoration, an image of it will be taken with a special camera. This image will be used to design the new restoration. Many patients are amazed as they watch the doctor design the restoration, establishing ideal anatomy, size, and shape. The design is sent to our in-office milling machine, which manufactures the restoration from a block of high-quality e.max ceramic. The new restoration will function as normal and will be color-matched to your surrounding teeth for the most natural-looking result. Our Scottsdale dentist will delicately and precisely secure the restoration to the tooth and evaluate it one last time to ensure the best possible fit and appearance. With CEREC®, there is no need to provide patients with temporary restorations because you will leave with the final product. It is the CEREC® system that allows us to design, manufacture, and place the permanent restoration in a single appointment.

How Long Do CEREC® Crowns & Restorations Last?

With the proper care, CEREC® restorations last several years, and in many cases we are seeing crowns last well over 10 years. Generally, most failures are related to recurrent decay, which is often avoidable. We recommend routine dental cleanings in addition to daily flossing and brushing with an electric toothbrush. Besides decay, the other type of failure involves fracture of the ceramic material. Our CEREC® crowns and restorations are milled using genuine Ivoclar®, brand name e.max material. This e.max material is the highest quality available and demonstrates an exceptional balance of strength and esthetics. Although CEREC® crowns are extremely strong, just like a natural tooth, it is possible to break them with extreme force. However, the risk of failure due to fracture can also be mitigated by managing destructive biting forces. Specifically, patients that clench and grind their teeth should wear a night guard and/or receive BOTOX® therapy to relax the muscles and reduce the amount of force generated by the jaws.

If you would like more information on CEREC® dental restorations, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Scottsdale Smile Center today.